Simplify Complex PPP Applications for Your Small-Business Customers
Find out how you can enable your lending customers to apply for PPP loan forgiveness, fast, with a seamless, 100% digital/mobile application process pre-built to support the complex rules and requirements in this U.S. federal SBA program.
Get to Digital in Two Days or Less
Relying on in-person, paper loan applications means time delays and even physical risks for borrowers and employees. With the SmartIQ next-gen forms platform, you can:

  • Guide customers through questions in a responsive way, based on their answers, from any device
  • Allow customers to attach verifying documents and start and stop an application, without starting over
  • Easily determine eligibility and quickly move customers through the origination process from start to e-signature
  • Reduce illegible or inaccurate applications that require manual review, and get funds released faster

Create lasting goodwill by being the bank that provides your small-business customers a lifeline when they need it the most, and lets them get back to work instead of spending valuable time filling out forms. Contact us today to learn how.

Make your Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness 100% digital - in two days or less.